Surveyer Tools

Below you will find a list of tools that are useful to land surveyors online, from the group Surveyors Online Toolbox on Land Surveyors United

 Live Language Translator

Translate between many languages in real time, using thislive language translator.  This tool is terrific when chatting with your fellow surveyors using the Surveyor Chat feature in the toolbar on the site.  Simply open this page in another tab in your browser and translate between languages.



Reverse Geo-Coder

Use the Land Surveyors United Reverse Geo-Coder to accurately plot latitude and longitude coordinates on a map.  Simply enter your coordinates into the form field and click "Reverse Geo-Code" and watch your placemark appear on the map.


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Blog Talk Radio on Land Surveyors United 

Use Blog Talk Radio to host video conferences which can be recorded and uploaded to the network as webinars.

Bing Network Search

Use this tool to search the network using Bing, if you prefer this search engine over the others.

Land Surveyors Live

Coming soon....streaming live video conferences, lectures and tutorials.

Surveying Presentations 

strong collection of presentations and outlines for surveying education

Surveying Feeds Mapped

Find the latest Surveying Industry news and activity via GeoRSS using this page of mapped Surveying Industry Feeds..

Surveyor Support Map

Use this surveyor support map to find surveyor 2 surveyor support groups to join in your area.

You may also like to join the Surveyors Online Toolbox Group.