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Free Site Template for Surveyors

Welcome to the fully customizable website template for surveying companies and survey businesses affiliated with Land Surveyors United Social Support Network. Using this template, you can have a fully customizable website in about an hour by simply replacing the elements (such as logo, page names, affiliate links, etc.)on this template with your own.  For help with customizing this template, visit this discussion forum on Land Surveyors United or contact Justin 347-263-1455.

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Welcome To Our Surveying Company Site

Some information about your surveying company, your geolocation and the types of services that you offer should go here.  You might also like to include the types of equipment that you use in the field along with the awards and history of your company in brief, then create linked pages from the home page which go a little deeper with each aspect of your company. For example, here are a few page that I already have set up for you:
Our Company History
Equipment We Use
Our Awards