Surveying Company Site


Do you have a surveying company, but no website?  

Now you do!

Just replace all text and images in this Free Surveying Company Template with your own, 
map it to a domain you own and POW!  Near instant web presence!  I'll show you how to install
image sliders, customize the pages, embed documents and develop your company's web presence.

And by the way.  We know how to spell surveyor.  We misspelled it so that it would have less effect on your company's SEO after you make it your own.  Enjoy!

How To Use This Template

Simply use this template while signed into your gmail account (get one here) and customize the template however you like including your own branding.
  • Delete the pages you do not want
  • Customize the ones you do want to keep
  • Include your own adsense account and make money with traffic or delete the adsense
  • Integrated Blog for your surveying company
  • All of the major pages such as ABOUTCONTACTSERVICESTESTIMONIALSCOMPANY HISTORY and more are already created and search engine optimized.  Simply map the site to your own domain in 5 minutes and all pages automagically snap into place!
  • Backlink from Land Surveyors United to your new site for greater search engine optimization!
  • As easy as writing a word document
  • Easily map your customized website to your own domain!
  • Support Group for Asking Questions Here
  • Get me to build it for you!

Begin Here:  Take a Look at the Home Page

In this Template, You Can...

  • News releases
  • Announcing events
  • Press releases and articles
  • Blog posts
  • Managing staff bios
  • Updating your homepage text
  • Quotes and testimonials
  • Updating your project portfolio
  • Creating helpful links to other sites
  • Managing your employment positions
  • Uploading photos
  • Any page on your site!

Learn How To Customize This Template